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2008-04-12 02:13:21 by promontorium

IF you like henatai drawings and games, I'm glad. I think it's healthy. But one big issue people have with Newgrounds, me included, is all these 14 yo boys voting 5 on ANYTHING remotely sexual. A hentai puzzle with a picture of a girl and 6 evenly cut squares that can be put back in order IS NOT A FUCKING GAME. IT IS NOT AN ANIMATION, AND SHOULDN'T MAKE IT PAST THE REVIEW. There are plently of great websites for cartoon sexuality. is one. It also has other great works, anybody with an account can upload almost anything artisitc they create, Iove the site. GO THERE. Keep the junk off Newgrounds. I'm not saying Newgrounds should be sex-free, by all means if you have a good sexy animation or game send it here. BUT A PHOTO DOESN'T CUT IT.

Oh and btw, Hentai is a noun, and it means "pervert". The word is not a critique of the images which you are viewing, but an accusation against you.

I started this tirade when this straw broke my back


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