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This wasn't really new to me since I bought the "Every Little Something by Dave" DVD 1 million years ago. But it's still funny today and I'm glad I get the chance to vote on it. I haven't frequented this site much since back when RAB was on top of the world here. I think I might go and check out the several newer RAB episodes I never saw.

I just downloaded the Zero Wing rom

I remember watching this back in 2001, truly one of the greatest videos ever created. A perfect collision of the awesome techno song, the hilarious engrish, and the works of all those internet nerds.

What hath thine minds wrought?

I didn't know this existed, I just watched the censored one you posted, and it was so censored that I...well I DIDN'T EXPECT THIS! My eyes are bleeding, my ass is raw! Verily this was the ultimate orgy of homosexuality.

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Sure to get quite popular! This game is fun and different. But holy crap is it hard. The controls are hard, which I guess is intentional since you have to upgrade them. I played for about half an hour and only just made it to the boss chicken on the first level.

There are already thousands of poker games on the internet, hundreds on this site alone, so while the poker is playable, and the double down option is kind of interesting, there's virtually no appeal to the game proper. The "excessive nudity" isn't even all that nudity, and what is there is terrible. The breasts are like balloons, not just in size, but in motion.

Fun game. Only gripe is you keep using the word "increase" when you mean "decrease" e.g. "increase cool down rate" should read "decrease cool down rate" unless you meant this as a downgrade.

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pretty good.

I enjoyed it alright. Very good qaulity.

gray1 responds:

thank you

I like it

I completely like it. I would if you want it to stand alone though I would suggest you give it a solid crescendo, it does get progressively complicated but the volume seems to go down, and the tempo slows. I suppose it would make good background music as is.

Instinks responds:

Well i thot about that but i cant think up a good build up for it and i think i have to give it a lead xD anyways thanks for the review :)

Like anyone reads this shit.

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