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Posted by promontorium - October 5th, 2009

I got this message

Sent: 09/16/09 11:42
Subject: Review Delete Notification

This message is to inform you that the following review, which you left for Mastermind 6 on 4/24/08 at 6:12:00 AM, has been deleted:

Score: 0 / 10
Summary: error- your summary was too short
Review: NG is set up to favor the malicious animator over every one else. Case in point, this weeks underdog of the week, a movie specifically made to piss people off.

Please review the review guidelines in the FAQ to ensure that you're following the rules and to prevent any further action being taken against other reviews you make.

Sure I've had more reviews deleted than are listed to my credit. That's because Sometime a few years after I first came here, Newgrounds turned pussy.

But this is just ridiculous. A bot is going to delete a comment of mine 1 1/2 years after I made it why?

I'm rather confused. You can see my review right there. Unlike Newgrounds, I'm not trying to hide anything. I'm just curious.

Do YOU want Newgrounds to be run by bots? Do you want it to be run by people who hide behind bots?

Would knowing Newgrounds is literally run by tools influence you to leave?


Posted by promontorium - June 24th, 2009

So I got banned for commenting on a video. My comment was solely agreeing with the video poster's comment. It just so happened that the video poster's comment was "This shouldn't have passed". I said he was right, but the video did have a little humor.

Here's my actual comment:

I was going to watch this movie while it was still under review but I went on to other things. IF ONLY I HAD VOTED 0 IN TIME! You are right genderless hooker, it shouldn't have passed. I dropped the ball. Well, you might get turd of the week, there's something to look forward to. Also it is kind of funny.

here was the automated explanation

The moderator Coop83 gave the following reason for the ban:

"Requested a flash was blammed"

Please review the review guidelines in the FAQ before submitting further reviews.

The video is here: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/

The comment for the video has been changed, but most people's opinions haven't

So what kind of pussies run Newgrounds now? Someone submits a shitty animation, they call it a shitty animation, and I agree, and I get BANNED for it? Fuck you Coop83. Fuck every pussy mod on Newgrounds. If it's the policy of Newgrounds to be a bunch of fucking emotionally sensitive bitches to every video no matter how fucking shitty and offensive it is, I don't want to go quietly.

Listen up Mods: I'm promontorium, Newgrounds was old for me when I met Tom Fulp back in 2004. Newgrounds had balls back then. If this is the state of Newgrounds now, I want Tom Fulp personally to permaban me. It will be epic fail, and the nail in the coffin for any relevance this website has.

Newgrounds used to be the place to go, now your telling me it's where all the children hide from the real internet so they don't feel bad? So they can just share shitty movies with each other until they get the balls to go somewhere "scary" on the internet, where they might get their "feeling hurt"?

Posted by promontorium - June 25th, 2008

I'll make em new!

I am only a simple man.
Driven by nothing and pain.
This way about me is repelling.
And many suffer under it again.
Please I beg for it to pass a way out.
Never gaining never losing and always in doubt.

Posted by promontorium - June 9th, 2008

Since Newgrounds has changed to be like Myspace, there's one thing I wish they would mimic. Myspace experienced an influx of porn industry "friend requests" that really dragged down the site. Other businesses just trying to leach off myspace's open door friendly nature. Spam. They fixed it by systematically deleting the fake pages, adding tools like "mark as spam" and outright taking the porn companies to court. Myspace won, and became a good place to be again.

So all day, every day other websites upload their games onto Newgrounds. The worst of them won't send over the full game, or let you have a high score, they just tease you. They want you to go to their website. They are spamming Newgrounds. These games aren't special. If they were particularly good, maybe I wouldn't be so critical, but most of the games are average. Just taking up space. Any of them make it onto the top 100? Newgrounds lets the games come, because you can at least do something, but when they send ad videos, that's flag worthy.

What makes Newgrounds special is that it is real people making things. Sure 90% of it is crap, but it's real. There is no other website that offers what Newgrounds does. There are thousands of websites that offer mediocre company manufactured entertainment.

I don't know, I'm just pissed. I'm voting 0 on them from now on. Since 1995 the internet has been about redirection. You feel like you're not really where you want to be, or where anyone wants you to be. Until some good websites came along and said "HERE WE GIVE ENTERTAINMENT" So much of the internets are just about getting you to spend money. Fucking sick of it.

Do not want.

Posted by promontorium - June 2nd, 2008

Never question the pain my friend. Make everything the same again. Remove and cleanse the thoughts of men, and bring them all to shame. This is the path of most. Trampling and crushing those who boast, a way of thought and a course of right, that may negate your entire life.

Certainly happy you seem to be. Lost in your own mind. What is left? I have seen. Well, smile anyway.

Posted by promontorium - May 16th, 2008

People with high whistle statuses are douches.

Just throwing that out there.

Though I keep editing this thing. So it's not simple. Very complicated douchery.

Posted by promontorium - April 28th, 2008

I have one of the original Alien Hominid promotional toy sets. I bought it from Tom Fulp at the 2004 Comic Con. It is #4 of the 250 original set. They predate the actaul console releases of Alien Hominid. The box is labeled and signed by Tom Fulp and Dan Paladin. The only problem is the clear plastic has been banged up on the edges of the box. There's no tears or fading and I've never even opened it because it looks so cool as is. I wouldn't sell it unless it's worth something pretty because I 'm broke as shit but not quite desperate.

What I have is exactly the same as what's sold at the Alien Hominid website store. http://www.thebehemoth.com/store/ (for $20) the only possible difference is the collectable value with it being the 4th one ever sold on Earth, and the autographs to a tiny extent.

Meh, probably not. I went and looked up some of my other "collectables" that apparently aren't worh much. I have a first issue Star Trek The motion picture comic book, on Amazon: $3. What a bunch of crap. I could have sold my stuff for more 15 years ago. I used to have two mint condition "Spiderman vs. Venom" hologram comic cards that came in the 1993 Marvel series 4 packs. They were selling at $80 15 years ago, today Ebay: $70-200 so not much for appreciation at all. Maybe have to hit the market when things are big, like selling my $3 28 year old perfect condition Star Trek comic right when the new Star Trek movie comes out. Dupe someone into paying. Ebay is all about duping. "ULTRA RARE ONLY -1 MADE ILLEGAL IN 29 STATES FIRST EDITION FIRST PRINTING: $3" lmfao.

Posted by promontorium - April 27th, 2008

I have one that would rock Newgrounds' face. Though. I can't draw. It's like a limbless man dreaming of the olympics. I can write till my fingers bleed but I can't draw for shit. DAMN you cruel fate! Will no one ever admit they are better at animating than telling a story?

That's my rant for right now. There are a lot of decent animators on Newgrounds. But being able to animate doesn't make you a good story teller. In fact most of the stories on Newgrounds are crap or nonexistant. So you get people stuck with following an industry standard. Same bullshit subjects over and over.

Back in the day Collabs didn't exist. I always dreamed of teaming up with an animator. ***Namedrop alert***(I even told that to Tom Fulp when I met him and he asked me if I'd done anything on Newgrounds) Collabs today are either just separate animations stuck together, or several animators working on one video. Every now and then there's a code expert. What about a writer? Check out the highest rated Newgrounds movies. Check out the most world famous Newgrounds movie, Charlie the Unicorn. What's the common factor? Animation skills? No. They all have intriguing stories. Charlie the Unicorn has some of the cheapest animation techniques and yet has been loved by millions. Think about that. Or check out the Admiral Akbar flashes. Almost no animation whatsoever, extremely popular, and will be long after "It's a trap!" is forgotten. They mimic highly successful TV cartoons like South Park, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Sealab 2021. Which themselves are in line animation wise with LEGENDARY cartoons of old like Speed Racer or He-Man or anything else by Hannah Barbara that have minimal animation, yet complete story lines.

Your loss Newgrounds. Keep voting 5 on Sauron's 3-D 5 second pointless animations. See where that goes.

Posted by promontorium - April 15th, 2008

I've never understood how someone could be so damn talkative that they end up posting thousands of comments on a forum. And I'm not just talking about Newgrounds forum, cause this forum sucks. Well maybe especially this forum, I just saw some guy's profile he averages over 5 bbs posts a day, and he's had an account since 2003. My God. That is dedication to saying nothing. Seriously. If you had anything intelligent to say, your posts would be long, but far between. They should have a word counter too, or at least an average #words per post counter.

In all my years on the internet, I haven't posted 1,000 combined forum posts. And I'm a writer! That's what I do. Write. But thousands of meaningless forum comments? no. That's just weird.

Posted by promontorium - April 12th, 2008

IF you like henatai drawings and games, I'm glad. I think it's healthy. But one big issue people have with Newgrounds, me included, is all these 14 yo boys voting 5 on ANYTHING remotely sexual. A hentai puzzle with a picture of a girl and 6 evenly cut squares that can be put back in order IS NOT A FUCKING GAME. IT IS NOT AN ANIMATION, AND SHOULDN'T MAKE IT PAST THE REVIEW. There are plently of great websites for cartoon sexuality. www.deviantart.com is one. It also has other great works, anybody with an account can upload almost anything artisitc they create, Iove the site. GO THERE. Keep the junk off Newgrounds. I'm not saying Newgrounds should be sex-free, by all means if you have a good sexy animation or game send it here. BUT A PHOTO DOESN'T CUT IT.

Oh and btw, Hentai is a noun, and it means "pervert". The word is not a critique of the images which you are viewing, but an accusation against you.

I started this tirade when this straw broke my back http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/