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You think this is valuable? NG/Alien Hominid collectable

2008-04-28 16:31:12 by promontorium

I have one of the original Alien Hominid promotional toy sets. I bought it from Tom Fulp at the 2004 Comic Con. It is #4 of the 250 original set. They predate the actaul console releases of Alien Hominid. The box is labeled and signed by Tom Fulp and Dan Paladin. The only problem is the clear plastic has been banged up on the edges of the box. There's no tears or fading and I've never even opened it because it looks so cool as is. I wouldn't sell it unless it's worth something pretty because I 'm broke as shit but not quite desperate.

What I have is exactly the same as what's sold at the Alien Hominid website store. (for $20) the only possible difference is the collectable value with it being the 4th one ever sold on Earth, and the autographs to a tiny extent.

Meh, probably not. I went and looked up some of my other "collectables" that apparently aren't worh much. I have a first issue Star Trek The motion picture comic book, on Amazon: $3. What a bunch of crap. I could have sold my stuff for more 15 years ago. I used to have two mint condition "Spiderman vs. Venom" hologram comic cards that came in the 1993 Marvel series 4 packs. They were selling at $80 15 years ago, today Ebay: $70-200 so not much for appreciation at all. Maybe have to hit the market when things are big, like selling my $3 28 year old perfect condition Star Trek comic right when the new Star Trek movie comes out. Dupe someone into paying. Ebay is all about duping. "ULTRA RARE ONLY -1 MADE ILLEGAL IN 29 STATES FIRST EDITION FIRST PRINTING: $3" lmfao.


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2008-04-28 16:31:55


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