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Newgrounds and me

2008-04-10 22:29:40 by promontorium

When I first came to Newgrounds, there were no Blam points, there were no blog posts like this ( I don't even think blog was a word in 2002), there were no ratings for movies, there were no audio submissions. But one constant has remained, shitty movies and good movies. I am not afraid to tell you your submission sucks. And if it sucks, I will do my best to blam it. I know you want your work recognized but if you just put forth a little extra effort, it will make it. Many upload crap on purpose, just to piss people off. These movies make people not even want to come to Newgrounds. Hell, in 6 years I've only come here enough to make lvl 16 Many people make much higher levels in 1 year.

Anyway I only wrote this to get that damn emo-ticon off my page.