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2008-04-15 07:58:54 by promontorium

I've never understood how someone could be so damn talkative that they end up posting thousands of comments on a forum. And I'm not just talking about Newgrounds forum, cause this forum sucks. Well maybe especially this forum, I just saw some guy's profile he averages over 5 bbs posts a day, and he's had an account since 2003. My God. That is dedication to saying nothing. Seriously. If you had anything intelligent to say, your posts would be long, but far between. They should have a word counter too, or at least an average #words per post counter.

In all my years on the internet, I haven't posted 1,000 combined forum posts. And I'm a writer! That's what I do. Write. But thousands of meaningless forum comments? no. That's just weird.


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2008-04-25 17:21:38

Hmmm. That depends on the person, I guess. I, for instance, like to talk much, and write much at the same time:) Some of the people I know prefer to weight their words instead, and I understand that. I freely exchange comments, because I believe in communication. And I just like to talk :)

My point is that everyone is different. And that's beautiful, isn't it?

(and yes, I didn't post anything to the forum yet... instead I leave comments on people userpages...)

promontorium responds:

No. While I appreciate communication and expression, it is decidedly a lack of respect for development and thought to continuously blather. If someone makes 5 posts a day for 5 years. They aren't actually making 5 posts a day. That would be too easy. They are making dozens of posts every time they enter the forum. Which averages out as the years pass. I'm not saying it's evil. I just don't understand it. There isn't enough wisdom imparted in the forums to convince me it's "beautiful".