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Blow my whistle

2008-05-16 04:16:57 by promontorium

People with high whistle statuses are douches.

Just throwing that out there.

Though I keep editing this thing. So it's not simple. Very complicated douchery.


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2008-05-16 06:35:57

see FAQ to help you.

(Updated ) promontorium responds:

Help me what? I don't want a high whistle status. High whistle status = organizing in forums and on other websites giving links to mass flag other people's opinions.

See my sign up date to help you.


2008-06-01 23:49:53

Really stat-padders in general are douches, but yeah, I get what you're saying.

promontorium responds:

Yep. I'm taking things on, one subject at a time. Otherwise it will just look like I hate Newgrounds.