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Being like Myspace

2008-06-09 20:50:34 by promontorium

Since Newgrounds has changed to be like Myspace, there's one thing I wish they would mimic. Myspace experienced an influx of porn industry "friend requests" that really dragged down the site. Other businesses just trying to leach off myspace's open door friendly nature. Spam. They fixed it by systematically deleting the fake pages, adding tools like "mark as spam" and outright taking the porn companies to court. Myspace won, and became a good place to be again.

So all day, every day other websites upload their games onto Newgrounds. The worst of them won't send over the full game, or let you have a high score, they just tease you. They want you to go to their website. They are spamming Newgrounds. These games aren't special. If they were particularly good, maybe I wouldn't be so critical, but most of the games are average. Just taking up space. Any of them make it onto the top 100? Newgrounds lets the games come, because you can at least do something, but when they send ad videos, that's flag worthy.

What makes Newgrounds special is that it is real people making things. Sure 90% of it is crap, but it's real. There is no other website that offers what Newgrounds does. There are thousands of websites that offer mediocre company manufactured entertainment.

I don't know, I'm just pissed. I'm voting 0 on them from now on. Since 1995 the internet has been about redirection. You feel like you're not really where you want to be, or where anyone wants you to be. Until some good websites came along and said "HERE WE GIVE ENTERTAINMENT" So much of the internets are just about getting you to spend money. Fucking sick of it.

Do not want.


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