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2009-06-24 04:24:49 by promontorium

So I got banned for commenting on a video. My comment was solely agreeing with the video poster's comment. It just so happened that the video poster's comment was "This shouldn't have passed". I said he was right, but the video did have a little humor.

Here's my actual comment:

I was going to watch this movie while it was still under review but I went on to other things. IF ONLY I HAD VOTED 0 IN TIME! You are right genderless hooker, it shouldn't have passed. I dropped the ball. Well, you might get turd of the week, there's something to look forward to. Also it is kind of funny.

here was the automated explanation

The moderator Coop83 gave the following reason for the ban:

"Requested a flash was blammed"

Please review the review guidelines in the FAQ before submitting further reviews.

The video is here:

The comment for the video has been changed, but most people's opinions haven't

So what kind of pussies run Newgrounds now? Someone submits a shitty animation, they call it a shitty animation, and I agree, and I get BANNED for it? Fuck you Coop83. Fuck every pussy mod on Newgrounds. If it's the policy of Newgrounds to be a bunch of fucking emotionally sensitive bitches to every video no matter how fucking shitty and offensive it is, I don't want to go quietly.

Listen up Mods: I'm promontorium, Newgrounds was old for me when I met Tom Fulp back in 2004. Newgrounds had balls back then. If this is the state of Newgrounds now, I want Tom Fulp personally to permaban me. It will be epic fail, and the nail in the coffin for any relevance this website has.

Newgrounds used to be the place to go, now your telling me it's where all the children hide from the real internet so they don't feel bad? So they can just share shitty movies with each other until they get the balls to go somewhere "scary" on the internet, where they might get their "feeling hurt"?


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2009-06-24 04:31:02

You made my fucking day.