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Badass Movie Idea

2008-04-27 08:22:54 by promontorium

I have one that would rock Newgrounds' face. Though. I can't draw. It's like a limbless man dreaming of the olympics. I can write till my fingers bleed but I can't draw for shit. DAMN you cruel fate! Will no one ever admit they are better at animating than telling a story?

That's my rant for right now. There are a lot of decent animators on Newgrounds. But being able to animate doesn't make you a good story teller. In fact most of the stories on Newgrounds are crap or nonexistant. So you get people stuck with following an industry standard. Same bullshit subjects over and over.

Back in the day Collabs didn't exist. I always dreamed of teaming up with an animator. ***Namedrop alert***(I even told that to Tom Fulp when I met him and he asked me if I'd done anything on Newgrounds) Collabs today are either just separate animations stuck together, or several animators working on one video. Every now and then there's a code expert. What about a writer? Check out the highest rated Newgrounds movies. Check out the most world famous Newgrounds movie, Charlie the Unicorn. What's the common factor? Animation skills? No. They all have intriguing stories. Charlie the Unicorn has some of the cheapest animation techniques and yet has been loved by millions. Think about that. Or check out the Admiral Akbar flashes. Almost no animation whatsoever, extremely popular, and will be long after "It's a trap!" is forgotten. They mimic highly successful TV cartoons like South Park, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Sealab 2021. Which themselves are in line animation wise with LEGENDARY cartoons of old like Speed Racer or He-Man or anything else by Hannah Barbara that have minimal animation, yet complete story lines.

Your loss Newgrounds. Keep voting 5 on Sauron's 3-D 5 second pointless animations. See where that goes.


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2008-04-27 09:43:20

With out giving too much away could you out line part of your
"Badass Movie Idea"
Also animation for animation's sake should have a place on Newgrounds

(Updated ) promontorium responds:

Well I have a lot of stuff I've written but here's most of the first paragraph of the one I think would make a good short animation:

...He falls to his knees and the rocks cut him. The air is dry and the dust enters the wounds. The tears streaming down his face push dirt, and mud falls to the earth. Nothing. He was eating, and all is consumed. He watched the fire melt his children. He saw his wife beaten and raped and then shot. The bloody mud dripping from his wrists are welcomed by the weeds beneath him. There is nothing ahead. There is nothing behind. This Earth that breathed him life will drain it away. He stands and stretches. He's a good runner; he's three miles from where he started. He's in no hurry now. He just needed a chance to think. He's thought. Now he must act...

Of course this story ends in a blood bath.


2008-04-27 10:14:41


promontorium responds:

Lol you're just mad that all your flashes are shitty colabs.


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